Anne Herries The Rake s Rebellious Lady Gina Wilkins The Soldier s Legacy Allison Butler The Healer Melissa James The Bridegroom s Secret Carole Mortimer The Lady Gambles Lynne Graham The Ruthless Magnate s Virgin Mistress Rochelle Alers The Sheriff Of Wickham Falls International Thriller Writers Thriller Alice Thornton The Wolf s Promise Joss Wood The Ceo s Nanny Affair Leigh Bale The Healing Place Jennie Lucas The Heir The Prince Secures Barbara Mcmahon The Nanny Who Kissed Her Boss Hoffmann Kelly The Charmer Play With Me Zoe Carter Take It To The Grave part 5 Of 6 Mary Lyons The Italian Seduction Kate Wilhelm The Price Of Silence Lynne Graham The Disobedient Mistress Rachel Vincent The Stars Never Rise Alward Meier The Baby Project Honeymoon With The Rancher Kristine Rolofson The Last Man In Montana Christine Merrill To Undo A Lady Catherine Mann The Rancher s Seduction Stella Bagwell The Baby Truth Damon Kitney The Price of Fortune Jennifer Sturman The Jinx Delores Fossen The Horseman s Son Trish Morey Trish Morey Diamond Collection 201402 Stolen By The Sheikh The Italian Boss s Mistress Of Revenge Kristine Rolofson The Right Man In Montana Christine Merrill Two Wrongs Make A Marriage Kathie Denosky The Billionaire s Unexpected Heir Lucy Ashford The Courtesan The Captain s Courtesan The Outrageous Belle Mar Helen Bianchin The Marriage Campaign Maggie Cox The Secret Of His Seduction Bought Margaret Daley To Save Her Child Carlisle Cox The Nurse He Shouldn t Notice Return Of The Rebel Surgeon Soraya Lane The Returning Hero Donna Hill Through The Fire Kate Hardy Temporary Boss Permanent Mistress Amant The Rancher Next Door Debbie Macomber Trading Christmas Trading Christmas The Christmas Basket Shirley Goodness And Mercy Susan Stephens Taming The Last Acosta Shelley Galloway The Good Mother ?̲?????ij???????Ӹ???????3P???????? Jennifer Morey The Secret Soldier Adrianne Byrd Two Grooms And A Wedding Brenda Minton Thanksgiving Groom Tara Taylor Quinn The Friendship Pact Jana Deleon The Reunion Kimberly Lang The Millionaire s Misbehaving Mistress

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